Lighting Tips For The Home



Lighting in the home is often overlooked, yet so important in many ways.  Good lighting is not just crucial for reading and cutting carrots in the kitchen.  Lighting highlights special areas and art in your home, it creates a mood and atmosphere in your most lived in rooms, and it can even be art itself.

As a former interior designer, people would often ask me,  What kind of lighting does each room need? That is not always an easy and quick answer.  When I learned lighting in college, it was less about aesthetics and more about two page calculations. We learned the proper way to light rooms the way engineers and electricians know lighting.


It was way more complicated and more than I ever needed to know in my actual interior design career.  I never actually had to calculate a single foot-candle to light a room.

Don’t worry, this speedy lesson in lighting is more about lamps, fixtures, and bulbs (plus some room-by-room tips) that will help you illuminate the way.

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