Happy Wednesday!  I will keep this short and sweet-I am behind on my reading and writing for my research class this week and I’m under the gun to get it done by today for class tomorrow.  So here Goes. . .

This Friday, March 26th I would like to feature someone elses paper crafting work on my blog. . .so if you are interested post a comment here letting me know and I will visit your blog and check out your work.  If I don’t select you this Friday. . .I will definately assign you to an upcoming Friday and that will give you time to think about what you would like to submit or you can create a new project.  

No complicated restrictions or guidelines, just follow these TWO simple steps:

1.) Email me the card/project photo, any text/instructions you’d like included or none as I can easily write something up for you.  I’ll need your full name, blog and/or store website address so I can add it as a link in my post. 

2.)  Post a comment about your work being selected as the Featured Friday project on your blog with my with my full name (Jill Hayes) and blog name (Vivacious Va Va Vavoom) as a link to my blog in your post. 


First up is Gamer Boy. . .
if you can’t tell, he is holding a Gameboy and inside the card I stamped, “Got Game”  The spotted background is created using a technique with melted crayons and watercolor paint and an iron. . .the melted wax creates a resist when you watercolor over it.  Fun!
The second boy card is just another version of my “Hey Dude!” card that I had posted earlier this week.  I added a star paperclip and used a combination of primary colors and some striped pattern paper with a little glitter on it. 

Have a terrific day!

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