My Hero-A card that commemorates our soliders.

I originally did a series of these cards when I was making cards last year to send to the troops in a great program where cards are bought or handmade and mailed to troops serving overseas. The premise being that these soldiers don’t often have materials like paper and stationary to write home or a BX where they can readily purchase cards. So the cards are sent blank to them so they may use them to write back to their families and friends. Even in the dawn of email-this is not always available to them and many of the cards would go to soldiers in remote areas as part of their supplies. Much like in WWI and WWII, communication is still done the old fashioned way and mail is charished, whether it is received or sent.I thought this was a great image for them to receive. . .to know that they are appreciated, but then they could use the card to send back to their families-I thought it would be great for a mom or dad soldier to send to their kids.

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