4th of July Recipe


4th of July Healthy Parfait Recipe

The big day for celebrating our American independence is almost here! Don’t let all that sugar slow you down.  These healthy parfaits are an alternative for the kids to sugary desserts at your 4th of July gathering. Plus they offer a nice cool down from the outdoor heat and activities.  Super easy to make too.  Prep the night before and just scope and serve at your 4th of July celebration!  Plus the red, white and blue layers of yummy gelatin and whipped cream add a statement to your patriotic food table.


1. red gelatin, 2. blue gelatin, 3. Cool Whip topping


Each box of gelatin will make four servings, so count your expected guests and purchase enough boxes in each color.  Make red and blue gelatin according to the package directions. It is recommended that you prepare your gelatin and chill it overnight before making your parfaits.

 In tall, clear glasses, alternate layers of red gelatin and Cool Whip topping. Use the photo for a visual to see how these are layered up.  Top your parfait with the blue gelatin.

If you want an even healthier version, substitute raspberries and blueberries for your gelatin or add a layer on top of each gelatin layer. Finish with a slice of any fruit cut into the shape of a star.

NOM NOM! Now eat up and have a

Happy 4th of July!

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Today I am going off topic from parties and weddings and sharing some helpful web resources if you are running your own business from home, like myself.
Scroll down below for the links to some great resources to help you get started if you are thinking of working from home or if you already are a small business but want more helpful resources.

Before we get to the small business help,  I want to share some tips and advice from my own experience.

Also, I am wondering if any other small home based handmade to sell businesses are tired of the label “crafting” or “crafter”?


 Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t think of this as a derogatory description, it is just limiting.  I think of myself as an artisan or maker and a business entrepreneur, who just happens to work at home.

In jest, this probably sums up everyone else’s view of what we, makers, do –

Yes, of course ‘crafting’ is what I do, everyday, in fact.  It is essentially what I sell.  Handmade party and wedding designs. However, I consider what I actually do- so much more than just “crafting”.   Keep in mind that running a business from home means that there are no paid sick days, no paid vacations or personal time off, and usually no full weekend breaks!

 Running your own business means that you only get paid. . . when you work.  I like getting paid, so  I work all the time!  My day generally starts at 7:00 am at my desktop and ends later in the evening, often as late as 8:00pm in order to keep up on my custom orders and making wonderful party and wedding designs by hand.

While it allows me to stay home and run my own business and not have to join the rat race of society. . . I sometimes do miss working in an office.  But only for about a minute and then I rejoice in the advantages of a home based business!

Yes, I LOVE IT! And yes, working from home offers many perks that other employees don’t get to take advantage of on a daily basis: no commute to work, working in my PJ’s (yep, I am guilty of this!) but on the flipside, I am often truly never off from my business and work.  I answer emails from my phone late in the evening and on the go on the weekends and often work very late in my studio on rush orders.

So forgive me, if I think of the terms, “crafter” and “crafting” as more of a hobby – someone who crafts, on the side of a full-time job or in retirement – for fun.  A crafter who enjoys the hobby and loves to make handmade stuff to give a greeting card or knitted scarf to friends and relatives at Christmas.  That to me is crafting – not at all what I do full-time.  “Crafting” is not a bad description; it’s just that I do so much more than that to keep my business going, to keep sales coming in, to drive traffic to my Etsy shops.

And Etsy is not my sole source of business.  Oh no!

No way could I pay the car payment and bills with only my Etsy sales.  My direct orders from my regular event planners are what keep me in business. Thank you. . . to all my wonderful event and wedding planners who order from me on a regular and repeat basis!

So, if you are thinking of giving it a go as a full-time gig, at home, hand making something – you should first know that you really should be darn good at it, whatever it is you make. You have to compete now with hundreds of thousands of other makers and artisans online now, especially if you start out on Etsy.  And launching your own website will require much research, social media marketing, and hard work.  So let’s get you to jump off the launch pad . . . or your mouse pad and start by visiting these websites below for more helpful small business resources.

First, I recommend taking the time to read this very honest article (click to read it)-


Next, check out this website for a whole list of resources (click to access resources)-


Thanks for stopping by and as always, if you are not a maker yourself – visit any of my Etsy shops below for some wonderful party and wedding designs- made by me!

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Let’s kick off the first week of summer with these super chill rainbow popsicles that are so easy to make and the kids will love the bright colors! See below for the recipe-

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

Gather your juices and drinks in a variety of colors to create a rainbow popsicle effect (see image #1).

Rainbow Popcycles

Pour about a ½” layer of red juice into the mold, and freeze for at least one hour or until frozen solid (see image #2).


Once red juice is frozen, layer ½” of orange juice on top of the red juice (see image #3), and freeze for at least one hour or until frozen solid.


Repeat step 2 with both green and blue juices (see image #3 and #4).

fruity popsicles

Layer the final purple drink and insert popsicle stick tops, then place in the freezer for at least an hour or until frozen solid.

summer recipe

After removing popsicle molds from the freezer, briefly run under warm water — this helps the removal process.

Pull each pop from its mold and serve immediately on a brightly colored tray!


If you are having a themed party, you can follow the same steps with other colorful juices to create popsicles that coordinate to your color scheme for a themed birthday party, an upcoming baseball tailgate, patriotic parties, or other fun summer events.

And feel free to stop by any of our shops below to get help with your outdoor party and fun summer activities! We have plenty of RAINBOW PARTY DECORATIONS available for your next event!
Thanks for stopping by and stay cool out there in the sunshine!
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