Moving Once Again



Yep. It’s happening again.  The Hayes home and my design studio are all moving soon.  Again! Hmmfff. . . and happy dance!

We have outgrown our current remodeled ranch home and my booming business now calls for more space! Not to mention, I am thrilled because we are looking at new construction.


Wha hoo! So excited to be getting a new home soon.  Okay, so that house above is not our new home but I’ve always dreamed of having a Victorian style home with a big wrap around porch.  I’m sure that is not going to happen since we are looking at houses built in the last year or so.  Still, a girl can dream!

Since the move is around the corner, the updates and party inspiration here on the blog will be on a short hiatus.  No worries though- I’ll be back with some great new party ideas to share soon. If time permits, in between packing boxes, I’ll share some great staging tips for selling your home in the future.  I once worked as a designer for a home builder – so I have some wonderful advice to share.

The move is great news for you too if you are planning a party or wedding!


I need to sell most of my inventory in my five Etsy shops – so I don’t have to pack it and move it.


Be sure to visit all five of my shops– you might just find something you can’t live without for your next party – even if it is a year away.  Buy now and save it for the next event or celebration!

And don’t forget to shop my home decor store for something stunning to add to your home or for Christmas gift giving! Get a head start on your Christmas shopping and save big!

I’ll be adding lots of new items over the coming weeks too – so keep coming back or save my shops as your favorite shop in your Etsy profile to get updates and notifications when I add new items at 50% off!  Much of the new inventory was made over the summer to sell this holiday season in my shops but I’ll be adding items daily in the next few weeks to lighten the moving truck.  Also, check out my craft shop, if you are a crafter or DIYer – stock up on craft supplies now while the prices are half off!!

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Enjoy shopping!

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Top 5 Summer Party Treats



Happy Friday! As summer winds down and the kids are back in school, many of you are still planning your summer soiree, barbacue or birthday party. Summer is the one season where it is perfectly acceptable to eat ice cream every single day!  I have selected a roundup of the top 5 favorite treats that are perfect to serve at any summertime event or party.  Top of the list, well ice cream of course, followed by icy cold popsicles, beautiful cakes with fresh berries and sweet snow cones- so fun for guests at a summer wedding!

Finally, no summer is complete without s’mores and cotton candy!?!


But, I said top 5, right, so how about combining cotton candy and s’mores….mind blowing, right!


So what are you waiting for?  Add any of these summery treats to your next party!

And don’t forget to order in your decorations for your summer birthday party or wedding from any of my Etsy shops-

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Craft Room Organization Tips



Some of you crafters/makers/artists will appreciate this roundup of tips and ideas for your creative space today.  If you are like me, my studio/craft room begins to look like chaos after a whirlwind week of projects.  Since I work from home and my studio is my work space, I try to keep it clean and organized but some weeks the new projects set aside to work on start to gather around my floor and pile up on my desk.  Today I am sharing some tips and all around visual inspiration for tackling craft room organization.

First I want to mention the health benefits of crafting and why it helps keep the body and mind young and sharp!


Okay, enough of the facts.  Time for some visual eye candy-


Peg boards are a great way to get your tools and supplies off your table surface –


And the peg board also makes quickly grabbing what you need a convenience.


I have this work table in my studio and it pulls double duty as storage and a work surface.  I love it.  You can find it at several online retail outlets.

However, standing and working is not for everyone. Here are some well organized seated spaces-


This is great working small space.  I personally love white furniture in my studio and updated all my bookcases and storage to all white.  All the colors of my craft supplies and bright cardstock really pop against the white furniture. It lends to a fresh and clean feel- even when you are a bit unorganized!


Maybe posh is more your style? This office type setting still offers lots of hidden storage while looking more like an executive’s home office. This might not work for a full-time maker but if you only dabble in a few crafts and have limited supplies, an abundance of storage may not be needed.


In contrast, lots of open cubby space may be needed instead.  This is a nice small space but features a great shadowbox style open shelving above.  I love all the different size storage squares and the distressed painted desk! Don’t be afraid to add color and inspiring art and objects in a room that is devoted to crafting.  If you are just converting a small space in your home, you may not want to go all out on color and decorating the area- keep it more simple and clean with matching furniture and only one to two pieces.  Cabinets with doors are great too for  hiding craft supplies in a craft area that is not an entire designated room.


Closets converted to a crafting area and craft supply storage are great for hiding all those tools and knick knacks when they are not in use.


Open areas with some natural sunlight help to inspire creativity and offer good lighting. If you have a large enough room, use the space. This huge work table centered in the room above is a great example of good work flow.


Built-in cabinets are a perk, if you can afford it.  This is a nice layout with large windows allowing for maximum natural light.

Whatever your craft style, budget and space will allow for in your home- plan it out if you are getting ready to add a studio or craft space. Ask yourself what your level of storage needs will be based on what you make and your supplies. Think about what you may acquire in the future for supplies too.  Start by pinning designs you like on Pinterest and build your craft room as a vision before jumping in and buying too small or a lot of furniture.

Check out my personal Pinterest board that I used two years ago when I remodeled my studio-

My Creative Space

Figure out what your space will allow for and remember to create some art and make something for yourself for you new space.

Come on over to my craft shop on Etsy for a pinwheel kit to add a table centerpiece full of color your new creative area or if you need additional supplies-



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